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Statement in course of the Structured dialogue II on facilitation mechanism to promote access, transfer and dissemination of clean and environmentally sound technologies
(29-30 April 2014, New York)
Mr Chair,
Distinguished delegates,
The Ukrainian delegation welcomes this opportunity to review the progress of the Structured dialogue on universal mechanism to promote access, transfer and dissemination of clean and sound technologies.
We believe that this is an ongoing process, therefore we are still facing the lack of information for the parties concerned. However the work of the Open Working Group on SDGs and Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing, as well as the UN Secretariat made an enormous contribution in placing into the UN agenda the options for the technology facilitation mechanism.
Mr. Chair,
We believe that multipurpose technology is an absolute necessity for sustainable social and economic development and poverty eradication in the UN post-2015 agenda.
Our delegation appreciates every contribution as a food for thought to the summary of this discussion and would like to express its own view on the possible modalities and organization of the universal technology mechanism.
We believe that considerable international and governmental support of education by means of scientific scholarships, training courses and R&D grants for educational institutions and talented individuals are those basic areas, which will enable the continuing sustainability and synergy of the technological progress and its follow-up in the developing and least developed countries.
In our view the comprehensive approach for the establishing of the universal technology bank and technology transfer mechanism should include the creation of the national standardized operational ground, consisting of relevant scientific manpower and academic personnel. Otherwise the technology itself is useless. It means that in order to ensure full technology life cycle the education and vocational training should be regarded as a priority.
Thank you.