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Co- Chair,

My delegation aligns itself with the Statements delivered by the Representatives of Bolivia and Nigeria on behalf of the G77 and China and the African Group respectively.

On Focus Area 5, Uganda supports a stand-alone goal on achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment. We propose the following targets under this goal:

a) End all forms of discrimination against women and girls by 2030
b) End violence against women and girls in all its forms by 2030
c) Ensure equal access to education at all levels by 2030
d) Ensure greater participation and leadership of women in decision-making in public and private institutions
e) Ensure equal access to assets and resources, particularly land and capital as factors of production

We also support mainstreaming of gender-specific targets across other goal areas including education, health, agriculture, economic growth, and employment, to address specific aspects of gender-based discrimination.

The means of implementation could include:
a) Mobilizing adequate and predictable resources both public and private, domestic and external, to support gender equality and women empowerment policies, programs and initiatives, with particular focus on developing countries.
b) The UN system and other organizations to support national, regional and international policies for achieving gender equality and empowerment of women.


On Focus Area 6, Uganda supports a stand-alone goal on water and sanitation. We propose the following targets:

a) Provide universal access to safe and affordable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030
b) Improve water-use efficiency in all sectors
c) Significantly improve water quality, wastewater treatment, reduce pollution and dumping of toxic materials in water bodies by 2030
d) Increase investments in water and sanitation infrastructure, including water harvesting and storage

The means of implementation could include mobilizing adequate and predictable resources both domestic and external. The commitment by developed countries to support efforts by developing countries on water and sanitation programmes and activities, technology transfer and capacity-building, will be essential.

Thank you for your attention.