United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Madam Chair, Distinguished delegates,
We wish to thank the Chairman for his draft negotiating document.
The main objective of the energy sector is to supply the energy required for economic and social
development in a sustainable manner. While meeting the energy demand, the environmental
effects should be kept at minimum.
Within that perspective, Turkey believes that the outcome of the CSD 15 should include a clear
policy option stating that Sustainable Development Principles should be integrated into sectoral
policies with particular emphasis on energy sector. Turkey is implementing a project namely
Integration of Sustainable Development into Sectoral Policies and in this context Energy Sector
was determined as one of the pilot sectors. We will share our experiences with the participants
on May 3rd? Thursday, tomorrow evening at the side event.
Turkey strongly believes that development and widespread adoption of cleaner and renewable
energy technologies will help to reduce air pollution and advance sustainable development at
the global level. In this context I would also like to mention the International Center for Hydrogen
Energy (ICHET) which was established in Istanbul.
Turkey attaches great importance to the realization of hydro energy potential which is the most
important renewable energy source domestically. Also, use of geothermal energy in meeting the
residential energy needs such as heating and hot water is vital. Therefore we believe that these
issues need to be strengthened in Chairman?s draft negotiation document.
Another important issue for the developing countries is the formation of healthy and well
functioning energy market structures. International support should be focused on the formation
of legally and financially sustainable energy markets in developing countries.
Turkey believes that financial and technical support of international institutions for the use of
energy efficient technologies and clean coal technologies are also important and we suggest
that countries should give much importance to this issue. Without additional international
support, it is not affordable for the developing countries to implement clean coal, carbon capture
and storage technologies for energy production.
Last but not least, Turkey believes that energy supply security is a crucial factor for poverty
eradication, and social and economic development. Turkey is trying to strengthen its role as an
energy hub and a transit country in the region. By doing so, we believe we can substantially
contribute to the global energy security of supplies.
Thank you Madam Chair.