United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


13 May 2010
Thank you Mr. Co-Chair, I?d like to thank to distinguished panelists for sharing their
reflections with us.
Distinguished delegates,
Chemicals have important role in economic growth in Turkey like in other developing
countries. In recent years, it has become important to make risk assessments by determining
the usage amounts and hazard characteristics of chemicals in order to strengthen preventive
measures in chemicals management.
We noted that many countries have already implemented a diversity of policy measures such
as regulations requiring information about chemicals inventory, provisions requiring private
enterprises to make risks assessment of chemicals on human health and environment, and
establishment of workforce health monitoring systems.
However, insufficient and unavailable information and data on chemicals, information
sharing among responsible entities, access to information, insufficient human and technical
capacity for risk assessment, inadequate health and safety protections for chemical workers,
protection mechanisms against chemical accidents and finally, global cooperation against
international illegal trafficking of hazardous chemicals are the main challenges that many
countries face.
We expect that the global community will develop innovative solutions to these challenges in
the forthcoming policy session of the fourth implementation cycle.
Mr. Co-Chair,
Turkey attaches high priority to waste management within the context of its national
sustainable development policies, international commitments through the UN system and
national program for the EU accession process. Solid waste management strategies should
introduce healthy and economic solutions to protect the environment and provide higher
living standards without jeopardizing development.
In view of having a sound and integrated waste management, municipal waste management
efforts need integration, coherence and policy guidance at the national level. National
framework plan for waste management is one of the good practices that Turkey implements
for this purpose.
Initiatives that attach economic value to waste which promotes re-use and recycle of waste
should be supported. For that purpose, establishment of local waste markets should be
promoted. This new emerging market, by its nature, has a specific character with respect to
risks it entails. The health of workers and their working environment should be monitored
and improved.
Thank you.