United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Thank you Mr. Chair
Distinguished Delegates,

Transport has a positive effect on social and economic life of human
through increasing the accessibility to jobs and markets, all services particularly
the education and health care.
To increase the mobility in an affordable, economically viable, healthy,
accessible, socially acceptable and environmentally sound manner; public and
private investments for transport infrastructure and integrated public transport
systems are needed in developing countries. Therefore, financial and technical
assistance, knowledge and technology transfer and capacity-building to improve
transport infrastructure in developing countries are utmost importance.
Distinguished Delegates,
Turkey supports the improvement of public transport infrastructure and
services such as bus rapid transit, metro and light-rail systems. In this respect,
best practices and environmentally sound and affordable technologies are main
concerns of nations for implementation.

In order to reduce the congestion in city centers as well as providing
better accessibility for all citizens to main destinations, integrated planning
approach for all modes of transport including motorized and non-motorized
modes is a starting point for all planning activities. Non-motorized modes,
namely bicycle and pedestrian flow has to be emphasized by all nations so as to
contribute more energy efficient society.
Not only the flow of people, but also flow of goods and services has to be
planned in a manner that contributes the sustainable development. In this scope,
the gains of information technology should be incorporated in the system.
In this context, CSD- 19 will contribute by highlighting transport theme
as a priority area of concern for sustainable development, poverty eradication
and achieving the other MDGs.
Thank you