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Tunisia proposals during the OWG /SDGs 11th session related
To focus areas 3 and 4
Delivered by Mr Elyes LAKHAL, Counsellor
Permanent mission of Tunisia to the UN

Thank you Mr. Co-chair for giving me the floor.

My delegation associates itself with the statements made by Bolivia on behalf of G77 and China, and Lesotho on behalf of the African Group on these two clusters.

My delegation supports two standalone goals respectively on Health and education.
Let me now turn to specific proposals that my delegation would like to include and support on these two focus areas:

On Focus area 3. Health and population dynamics, my delegation would like to particularly support the following targets:
- Addressing causes of NCDs and reducing non communicable diseases, including through access for all to affordable medicines and enhancement of knowledge sharing (276)
- Reduce road deaths361; Reducing road accident by 50%(362); Actions to reducing road accidents.363(support)
- Reduce by x% the risk of premature mortality from injuries and non communicable diseases (NCDs) through healthy diets and physical activity, and promote mental health with strong focus on prevention.
- Address social and environmental determinants of health, including rising anti-microbial resistance in humans365 (support)
- Reduce cancer mortality rate by (x%) by 2030 (new)
- Increase investments in health systems in rural areas and address regional development( 377)
On MOI related to this focus area, we’d like to propose the following:
- In cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, provide access to affordable essential drugs in developing countries381(support)
- Strengthen the capacities of countries to be enabled to exercise their right to use, not later than by 2020, to the full extent, existing flexibilities in the TRIPS agreement for the protection of public health and to promote access to medicines for all 383 (support+revision)
On Focus area 4, related to Education, my delegation would like to particularly support the following targets:
- Ensure the possibility for lifelong learning for all women and men405 (support)
- Achieving high completion rates at all levels of education for both girls and boys (398) (support)
- Recognize and foster the diversity of lifelong educational and training path from primary to higher education.(427) (support)
- By 2030, Ensure access by all to affordable quality tertiary education and lifelong learning431 (new and support)
- Integrate relevant knowledge and skills in education curricula, including ICT skills, education for sustainable development, quality values based physical education, and awareness raising on culture’s contribution to sustainable development.
- Ensure qualitative education and training (434);
- Ensuring effective learning outcomes at all levels, and imparting knowledge and skills that match the demands of the labor market and address youth unemployment, including through vocational training and skills development for youth (442) (support)
- Ensure access to information technology skills (487) (support)

Thank you.