United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


At the outset, I would like to align my delegation with the statements made by Bolivia on behalf of G77 and China, and Lesotho on behalf of the African Group.

My delegation would like to convey its appreciation to you for your diligent leadership of the Working Group so far.

Let me first make the following general remarks:

1- We took note of your efforts to mainstream the text and present a shorten number of goals and targets, while we share at the same time the concerns expressed by G77 delegations regarding issues not being appropriately covered such as CBDR and means of implementation and we reiterate our call in particular for a stand alone goal on equity and justice at the national and international levels for the achievement of sustainable development.
2- We reiterate our call as well related to the narrative based on para 246 of rio+20 outcome, wich contains rio principles in particular the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, respect of cultural diversities, and respect of states sovereignties. The narrative should as well recognize different national realities, capacities, and levels of development.
3- The zero draft that you’ll be drafting should put more emphasis on the potential scope of an enabling international environment for Sustainable development, in order to take into account the impact and potential interaction of external factors with national realities and efforts.
4- Means of Implementation should be linked to each goal in addition to its inclusion as a stand-alone SDG. MOI should be specified as much as possible, In particular A preliminary assessment of SDGs financial requirement should be prepared, by the technical secretariat , preferably ahead of the next session of the OWGto help the Group take informative decision regarding specifying or not the the targets at the International level. We also share the views expressed to not specify all targets at the national level, and leave this task for each country to decide according to its capacity and national priority.

As far as the focus areas 1 and 2 are concerned, we are honored to make the following comments and proposals:
1/ On Focus area 1. Poverty eradication ,we would like to propose the following targets:
- Ensuring transparency in the management of natural resources
- Promote equity and justice at the national and international levels7
- Enhance cooperation and information sharing related to foreign stolen assets and facilitate more systematic and timely return of these assets83;
- Reduce corruption at the national and international levels and
- Ensuring equitable taxation and redistribution of assets84;
On Means of Implementation related to this focus area /we’d like to propose the following:
- Fulfillment of Developed countries commitment on providing 0.7% of their GDP to International public aid by 2020. We support as well a new developed countries commitment to provide 1% of their GDP to International public aid by 2030. Developing countries in specific situations should be eligible to benefit from such international public aid.
- New commitments related to enhancing market access for developing countries in special situations exports.
- Facilitating international movement of physical persons regardless of their qualification,
- building human and productive capacities,
- Ensure debt sustainability by 2020.
2/ On Focus area 2. Sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition, we propose the following targets related the means of implementation:
- Ensuring adequate policy space for food security105
- Enhance concrete international support for net food importing developing countries, including in the areas of finance, transfer of agricultural technologies, infrastructure and water 1
- Facilitate and increase access of small farmers especially from developing countries in special situations to national and global food markets and distribution channels as well as to credit and other financial services at affordable terms172
My delegation is looking forward to engaging in the discussion under each cluster in a constructive manner.
Thank you for your attention.