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Mr. Ittiporn Boonpracong
Represenatta tthivee H oifg Thh-laeivlealn Sde Tgmo ethnet CSD 13
"Turning Political Commitments into Actions"
New York, 20 April 2005
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Mr. Chairman,
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Mr. Chairman,
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supports the role of the CSD in monitoring, evaluating and reporting the progress of
partnership activities. In our view, the monitoring mechanism of the commitment of
support, both financial and technical, should be included in the arrangement of the
Thailand is of the view that in making progress towards the achievement
of MDGs targets in water, sanitation and human settlement, the domestic efforts are
essential, but not enough. We therefore wish to call on the international community to
increase and continue its support to developing countries, especially for the Least
Developed Countries, in the implementation of their WSSD commitments. Such supports
may include financial assistance, transfer of technology and capacity building. In this
connection, the importance of national priorities, specificities, circumstances, conditions
and legal frameworks must be recognised and emphasised. To be successfully
implemented, policy options and measures require space for adjustment. The "one size
fit all" approach is no longer a sensible solution in this regard.
Mr. Chairman,
To further complement our efforts on these three important issues, there is
a need to look into the other aspects that are interrelated and interlinked to our efforts, for
example, changing consumption and production patterns, and protecting natural resource
base of economic and social development as well as raising environmental awareness by
integrating these issues as part of the primary education program. Partnership in an
exchange of best practices is also essential in our view. On our part, Thailand stands
ready to share its experiences and practices on water, sanitation and human settlement
with other countries, through the UN agencies concerned, such as the UNEP and UNHABITAT,
as well as the other sub-regional bodies, such as the Mekong River
Commission (MRC) whose work also focuses on the IWRM.
Mr. Chairman,
Finally, my delegation wishes to express our full support and cooperation
in this endeavour to make the outcome of the CSD 13 a true and concrete contribution to
the Millennium Review summit this coming September. Our people deserve to live their
lives free from want, far from worries and in full dignity without any delay.
I thank you, Mr. Chairman.