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Thank you Mr. Chairman,
Thailand wish to share our experiences in regard to the land management aiming at strengthening the role of local communities.
While planning and development of land resources has been directed by the government. Participation of stakeholders has been realized and increasingly applied especially in small scale projects.
On the matter of Community forest: is one of our best practices for forest utilization in a balancing manner by keeping the abundance of ecosystem for long term utilization. This method requires wise use and local involvement to secure sustainable forest utilization without massive destruction.
Forest village: allow the people to get benefits from trees they have planted. Also, villagers must be responsible in afforestation and reforestation for further sustainable utilization
Let me also touch on His Majesty the King Bhumibhol ?s ?New Theory Project? where land and water resources are intended to be utilized in effective and integrated manner. And thus can be used all year round therefore farmers? income can be sustained from sustained land productivity.
New Theory is the royal initiative of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This practice pays high attention to water resource which is the essential factor to perform agricultural activities. It also involves land use management by dividing the land into an appropriate proportion in order to promote land productivity and sustainability. Therefore, this practice is set with a set of fixed methods in land utilization and proportion for integrate
Mr. Chairman, more information on the royal projects is available at our small exhibition in neck areas.
I thank you Mr. Chairman.