United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Thank you,
Madam Co-chairs
Thailand would like to express our thanks to the panelists for
informative presentations. We also would like to associate
ourselves with the statement made by Singapore on behalf of
G-77+ China. I would like to share with you our concern and
experiences of Thailand on Sustainable Consumption and
Thailand has set up policies and has taken some actions to
promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP)
pattern. The Strategies on SCP have been developed and
integrated in the 10th National Economic and Social
Development Plan, in support of His Majestic the King?s
philosophy of ?Sufficiency Economy?, in order to achieve a
?Green and Happy Society? and a low carbon economy.
This SCP Strategies is the moderate level of production and
consumption for self sufficiency by
1) changing the consumption behavior of public sector;
2) increasing the efficiency of resources utilization by
production and service sectors; and
3) improving the management and administration for
sustainable consumption, including building awareness
and providing education.

At present, we are implementing many programs on SCP
1 National Green Procurement Plan (2008-2011) has been
developed and endorsed by the Cabinet in 2008 to promote
the production and consumption of environmental-friendly
products and services, starting from the public sector, which
will help to increase the demand and creation of new markets
for sustainable products. At present, more than 76% of
governmental agencies have adopted the green procurement
policy, with 100 % expected by the year 2011.
2. Green building project has also been launched to promote
environmental-friendly and sustainable buildings in terms of
energy saving, efficient water consumption, pollution and
waste reduction).
3. The program on Village Fund for Local Communities in
Providing SCP in a green way.
4. The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is
promoted through the implementation of the Environmental
Quality Management Plan 2008-2011 to encourage
manufacturers, businesses and stakeholders with liable
awareness of Social Responsibility Investment.
Lastly, Madam Co-chair
Despite some progress have been made regarding SCP
activities, ongoing efforts in implementing the SCP strategies,
particularly the use of economic tools to make SCP profitable
to both consumers and producers, as well as providing public
education and awareness raising on SCP for all levels, are
needed to ensure continuous improvement of SCP. In addition,
cooperation with international community is crucial to ensure
knowledge sharing, capacity building, as well as technological
transfer to support the regional and global SCP activities in an
integrated and coherent manner.
Thank you for your attention.