United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


1.) We support the statement by Ghana on behalf of Africa and
Jamaica on behalf of G77 and China.
2.) We do support the issues identified in the matrix and those
mentioned by various speakers before us.
Six key areas need to be emphasized in this regard.
1.) Support in structural reforms order to provide an institutional
home to sanitation, like Senegal has been able to achieve by
now having a stand alone Ministry responsible for sanitation
2.) South-South sharing of information and experience
3.) Financial Support through achieving the ODA target in order to
address poverty which force poor people to live in filthy
4.) Continuous awareness and advocacy.
5.) Capacity building and Technology transfer in the context
North-South Cooperation
6.) International support in the area of Waste-water treatment
technology transfer capacity building and financing to go
beyond the traditional biological treatment by using oxidation
ponds which does not allow re-use