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Mr Chairperson,
Tanzanian delegation wishes to join others to congratulate the
Chairperson for his leadership in this important deliberation on the
Review of the Implementation of the Mauritius Strategy. The Statement
Made by High Representative for LDC, LLDC, SIDs and Special Advisor
for Africa on the overview of implementation of Barbados Plan of Action
and Mauritius Strategy is highly commendable.
My delegation representing a country with small islands of Zanzibar and
Pemba which are also vulnerable, wish to align itself to the Statement
made by Jamaica on behalf of the G77 and China and fully support the
thrust of the Statement made the Representative of Grenada on behalf
Mr. Chairman,
We are aware that some efforts are being deployed to address the
development needs of small island and the challenge of climate change
that threaten the very existence of these island states. However, these
efforts have not been adequate.
We have experienced For example our islands of Zanzibar and Pemba
and others have been facing similar climate change impacts and are
vulnerable. Recently we have lost one small islands in Pangani,
Tanzania which have actually submerged in the sea. It is now clear
that Climate change challenges among others threaten economic
activities and livelihood due to unpredictable weather patterns and
tsunamis hence negating development prospects. We think now it is
time to reinforce interventions in the Small Island States.
We look forward to effective High Level review of the implementation of
the Mauritius Strategy.
I thank you for your kind attention.