United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


March 2005
The Delegation of Tanzania would like to thank you Mr. Chairman in the
way you are leading the meeting.
Tanzania delegation would like to associate itself with the statement of the G
77 and China.
The delegation of Tanzania generally agrees with the report of the Secretary
General on Freshwater management, particularly on the Integrated Water
Resource Management and the observations raised by the Taskforce. And
we have also taken note of the interventions made by previous speakers.
However, Tanzania delegation would like to underline the following issues:
Mr Chairman, Multiplicity of Transboundary Water Basins is one of the
challenges facing Africa and Tanzania is not an exception.
Tanzania is riparian to water bodies with neighboring countries. These
Transboundary water bodies exhibits unique characteristics and a complex
range of water management issues and challenges.
Since water resource management is best done at the basin level, it follows
that the situation in Tanzania and Africa calls for cooperation between
countries with shared water basins. One of the major constraints to solution
of this challenge is the lack of clarity about the benefits for cooperation
within natural basins that cut across national boundaries.
Options for addressing this challenge should therefore include awareness
creation about the benefits of cooperation and the cost of alternative to water
resources management. Roundtable discussions or dialogues on confidence
building need to be conducted on the issues for civil society, political
leaders, economic planners as well as engineers. The international
community should continue the advocacy and support of establishment of
water agreements and conventions to, inter alia, recognize the principle of
equitable and reasonable utilization of shared water sources.
It is also imperative that the international community supports and promotes
the establishment of the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW) in
the African region as it will strengthen sub-regional cooperation on
transboundary water resources management.
I Thank You