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Swiss Statement on Climate Change, 1.5.2007:
Climate change is probably the single most important challenge that the human
community is facing today. The UNFCCC has been signed 15 years ago, answers to
address the challenges have been developed, but commitment and cooperation to
effectively respond to climate change have so far been insufficient.
Action on Climate Change is urgent. Switzerland believes that the CSD can and
should make an important contribution in supporting the efforts to address climate
change undertaken within the UNFCCC and Kyoto framework. Namely, we expect
the CSD to send a clear message concerning the need to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, especially by enhancing energy efficiency and by accelerating
development and diffusion of renewable and environmentally sound energies and low
carbon technologies.
Switzerland believes that the CSD should send a clear and focused political message
with regard to climate change and we agree with your suggestion that we should not
get lost in technical details and political questions dealt with competently in the
framework of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol. Thus, we believe that the present
draft negotiation document could be shortened and formulated in a more political
manner by:
? underlining that climate change is a fundamental threat to sustainable
development all over the world;
? highlighting that the poorest will suffer most from climate change;
? underlining the interlinkages between energy, industrial development, air
pollution and climate change;
? confirming and building on the existing scientific evidence that climate change
is caused by human activities;
? emphasizing the necessity and the urgency of addressing the challenges of
climate change;
? reflecting our common commitment to cooperate and to strengthen our efforts
with regard to mitigation and adaptation measures
? stressing that the future regime on climate change will have to be fair, based
on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and inclusive,
namely, it will have to include clear commitments of all major emitters.
Let me conclude by reiterating that we have to make sure that this CSD will not
duplicate or even weaken, but support and stimulate the commitments and the work
undertaken within the UNFCCC and Kyoto framework.
Specific Swiss Comments on the Chairman?s Draft Negotiating Document of 2
March 2007:
The part on Climate Change should begin with a statement along the following lines:
?Climate Change is a fundamental threat to sustainable development all
over the world. The poorest will suffer most from climate change. It is not
just an environmental issue; it is an issue firmly placed in the context of
sustainable development. It is inherently interlinked with energy, industrial
development and air pollution. Climate change requires urgent attention of
the international community. Decisions taken by the CSD are meant to
complement stimulate and support, but not duplicate, the work of the
UFNCCC and its Kyoto Protocol.?
The 7th bullet should be amended along the following line;
? ?Future action must be in accordance with the principle of common but
differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, as well as
relevant principles enshrined in the Rio Declaration and thus include
commitments by all major emitters of greenhouse gases?.