United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Key points by Delegation of Switzerland:
1) Thanks etc.
2) The interventions of several countries have shown several concrete activities to promote
SCP. I very well remember negotiations on SCP at WSSD in Johannesburg, we can be impressed
by what has been accomplished since then.
3) Since Johannesburg, Switzerland has been strongly engaged in the Marrakech Process by
initiating and leading the Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement. Together
with partners from all UN regions, we have developed a methodology to promote sustainable
public procurement, we have tested it in countries from all regions, and we have found UNEP as
partner for implementing this methodology. This concrete action is ready to be included into the
4) Like others, Switzerland would like to give special attention to the 10YFP. Switzerland fully
supports the calls for an effective framework, a dedicated and competent secretariat, and
effective financial support.
5) We must sure, that our debate does not take place in isolation of the work of our
delegations, but that it translates into the outcome of the ongoing negotiations. Let me
therefore focus on 2 specific issues under negotiations:
a. Stakeholder involvement: there is a need to directly involve stakeholders in the work on
SCP, including in the work of institutions such as a possible steering board.
b. Adopting a specific list of programmes: we have to caution against attempts to have a
merely very loose structure that allows everybody to list whatever activity that has a distant link
to SCP. We have already a dynamic framework for such activities and partnerships, the Type II
outcomes of the WSSD, we must not duplicate that framework.
We also must avoid a mere platform for windowdressing.
We need a framework for concrete programmes that identifies also these programmes:
i. This allows visibility
ii. This promotes ownership
iii. This provides focus and clarity
iv. And it helps to keep track and monitor probress
6) Switzerland hopes that such an effective 10YFP with concrete programmes will be adopted
by this CSD.