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Thank you Madame Chair,
Sweden allies itself with the intervention made by the European Union (made
Sweden has a long history with ambitious goals to achieve sound
management of chemicals. The basic purpose of the national environmental
quality objective A non toxic environment is to prevent harm to human health
and the environment from chemicals substance, products and articles.
Although important achievements haven been taken on a national and
regional level for sound management of chemicals, we realise that measures
also need to be taken on a global scale.
In this context Sweden would like to draw the attention to the question of new
emerging issues in relation to chemicals management, namely the need of
information on chemicals in product. This issue was nominated by the EU as
an emerging issue to the second session of the International Conference of
Chemicals Management (ICCM2). It was with great pleasure we by the end of
ICCM 2 could conclude that the conference adopted a resolution on this
important matter.
The resolution from ICCM 2 is a clear sign of the common understanding of
the spread of and potential exposure to chemicals from articles1, such as for
example toys, personal computers and textiles. Not the least has the recall of
children toys due to possible content of lead attracted attention worldwide.
The reduced use of hazardous chemicals is one of the key challenges in
achieving sustainable consumption and production.
Professero Katima said yesterday that chemicals safety requires, among
other things, information. This is exactly the reason why the overall aim with
improved information on chemicals in products is to contribute to improved
conditions for informed decision making through out the life cycle. Information
on chemicals in products is a cross cutting issue where many challenges
remains to be tackled. It is a key for sustainable recycling, eco-design and
greener economy and successful co-operative actions are needed to tackle
this emerging issue.
To conclude Let me also take the opportunity to welcome you to a side event
on the need for information on chemical in products, taking place Thursday
lunch, in room 6.
Thank you