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8 May 2014

Swedish statement at OWG 11 on Focus Area 11 and 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production and Climate Change

On Focus Area 11: Sustainable Consumption and Production

We can generally support the targets under the Focus Area; most have strong links to Focus Area 8 on Economic growth. And in fact they could be integrated under that Focus Area.

Like others, such as G77 and Mexico we are, however, missing the previous reference to sound management of chemicals and hazardous materials. Chemicals are used or produced in almost every sector, including health, energy, transport, agriculture, construction, textile and mining. Achieving the sound management of chemicals and waste is an essential element of sustainable consumption and production.

We would like to see this issue reintroduced through a target reading:

“Achieve the sound management of chemicals throughout their lifecycle in ways that lead to prevention or minimization of significant adverse effects on human health and the environment”.

On Focus area 12: Climate Change

There seems to be close to consensus in this group that climate change needs to be given pronounced and visible attention throughout the framework, as one of the most important and urgent challenges for sustainable development and poverty eradication.

There are, however, differences in views on whether there should be a separate goal or not. For us, the important thing is to have strong targets on climate change across different SDGs. Here more needs to be done.

We believe that targets b) and c) strongly relate to Focus Area 1 on poverty eradication and could be placed there. Target 12 d) is likewise essential for the agenda, but could be moved to FA 8 to ensure climate integration into the economic dimension.

Thank you Mr. Co-chair.