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Swedish statement at OWG 10 on cluster 4 – inclusive and sustainable economic growth, industrialization, infrastructure, and energy
Mr. Co-chair,
I am pleased to speak on this important topic.
Inclusive and sustainable economic growth is a necessary condition for poverty eradication and sustainable development, and needs to feature prominently in the post-2015 agenda. We need to prioritize targets that are transformative for poverty eradication and sustainable development.
First, we want to see a goal on Sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Important elements for such growth are for example decent jobs, shared prosperity and moving towards low carbon, resource efficient economies.
As mentioned yesterday we suggest that employment and decent work for all should be addressed together with sustainable and inclusive growth.
We suggest the following targets:
1. Promote full and productive employment with decent working conditions for women and men.
2. Ensure equal access to social protection systems, promoting labour market mobility.
3. Ensure equal employment opportunities for women and men and equal pay for equal work.
Second, it is important to focus on the enabling environment for promoting private sector development to underpin growth and jobs. Most jobs are to be provided by the private sector.
For both the public and private sector to flourish and work efficiently we need clear rules of the game with effective, accountable and
2 April 2014
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Anna Brandt
transparent institutions, which are key elements of rule of law and good governance. In this regard I would like to stress the clear links to focus area 19, that we will discuss on Friday.
Third, we also believe that sustainable industrialization, infrastructure and energy are necessary to underpin sustainable and inclusive economic growth and would suggest the following targets;
On industrialization:
- Sustainable industrial development based on energy- and resource efficient and environmentally sound industrial processes, phasing out harmful chemicals and waste.
On infrastructure:
- Provision of infrastructure for modern services such as transport, communications, ICT and water, taking due account of environmental and social impacts
On energy:
- Ensure universal access, for women and men, to modern energy services.
- Promote cost effective, sustainable and healthy energy solutions
- Increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.
- Improve energy efficiency in buildings, industries, agriculture and transport.
- Phase out inefficient and harmful fossil fuel subsidies.
Thank you, Mr. Co-chair.