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Swedish statement at OWG 10 on cluster 3 – water and sanitation & sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition
Mr. Co-chair,
Water is at the core of sustainable global development. We support a dedicated SDG on Water management, sustainable water use and sanitation.
Allocating water equitably and efficiently within the ecological constraints will allow for sustained growth. A dedicated water SDG would contribute to create social, economic and financial benefits underpinning the three dimensions of sustainable development.
Efforts to eradicate poverty, and reduce the global burden of disease and famine and to secure peaceful, resilient and stable societies all depend on wisely managed water resources.
The impact of water related hazards may exacerbate inequalities and are disproportionately borne by poor and vulnerable communities. It challenges food and energy production and hinders ecosystem preservation. Increasing resilience to water related disasters by wise water management could save lives, livelihoods and assets.
We suggest the flowing three targets as our main priorities:
1. Effective management and sustainable use of water resources at the local, national and regional level, taking into account the effects of climate change.
2. Ensure access to clean drinking water for all without harmful substances
3. Ensure access to adequate sanitation for all, with a special emphasize on women and girls.
1 April 2014
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Anna Brandt
Mr. Co-chair, there are important inter-linkages between water and food security.
Loss of access to water, land, forestry and fertile soil has severe impacts on food security and livelihoods. Agriculture puts by far the largest demand for the world's water resources; more than two-thirds of the water withdrawn is used for irrigation.
Hence, we support a goal on Food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture with the following targets:
1. Increase sustainable agricultural productivity
2. Ensure sustainable land use in agriculture and forestry as well as long term sustainable fisheries, to ensure food security and contribute to sustainable economic growth.
3. Sufficient nutritious food for everyone to ensure healthy lives for everyone, especially focusing on children.
4. Ensure equal access, for women and men, to productive resources, markets, financial services, information and technological solutions.
5. Sustainable consumption minimizing food loss.
Thank you, Mr. Co-chair.