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Thank you Madam Chairperson and we would like to appreciation the presence
of the distinguished ministers in this round table, and thank the panelists for their
excellent presentations.
We align our statement with that of Group 77 and China, and read by Indonesia.
Madam Chairperson
Mining in Sudan is very old. It goes back to the time of the Pharos, who mined
gold from northern and eastern Sudan. Currently mining, in its formal and proper
way, is contributing to the enhancement of life in Sudan, through development of
roads, schools, health clinks, and other institutions. But there is a need for
investment to achieve sustainable mining.

However, in face of scarce funds, it is difficult to maintain sustainability,
especially when we consider the concept of mining closure. We are faced with
challenges in artisanal mining, because for the locals to enhance their living
standards, they resort to mining gold, using mercury for processing, with all the
hazards of mercury that have been discussed over the previous days. There is a
need for awareness and education about the danger of improper mining. There is
also a need to facilitate a mechanism, whereby the locals can work legally and
benefit from sustainable mining, through availing technology to raise the
efficiency and protect the environment.
Thank you Madam Chairperson