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The Statement of His Excellency Mr. Siraj Ali Harold Hassab Eldaiem, the State
Minister of Transport, Roads and Bridges of the Republic of Sudan, at the Global
Sustainable Transport Conference , 26 - 27 November 2016, Ashgabat,
Your Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United
Your Excellency Mr. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov the President of
Turkmenista n
Your Excellencies heads of Government and State
Honorable Heads and Members of Delegations
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen
Good rnoming
- I Allow me first to sincÿ:relÿ thank His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon the
Secretary General of the United nations for the kind invitation he
extended to us to attend this important Conference on sustainable
transport. I would also like to thank the government and the people of
the Republic of Turkmenistan for hosting this important gathering and
for the warm reception and hospitality accorded to our delegation since
our arrival at Ashgabat Airport.
Excellencies, honorable attendees,
I believe you are all aware of the great importance the whole world
attach to sustainable transport as it is closely linked to a number of the
Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Considering the paramount
significance of sustainable transport irl today's world, it becomes
increasingly imperative that all countries of the world seek to
supplement the missing links in the global supply chains.
Te1:0183789522- Fax: 0183787398 - www.motrb.gov.sd ' 1AT'VAVV%A:c.ÿ---Excellencies,
The government and people of Sudan are gearing up efforts to link
parts of our country with each other through a multimodal transport
network that would stand the test of time and not degrade
prematurely. The aim behind that is to enable our citizens to access the
services they need, and to link areas of production with areas of
consumption as well as with ports of export. Given the fact that our
country is surrounded by a number of landlocked countries, we are
joining forces with them in order to link them to our transport network
via roads and railways so that they can use our ports on the Red Sea
coast for their import and export activities.
I trust that most of you are aware that Sudan has a strategic location in
Africa, linking northern Africa with southern Africa as well as eastern
Africa with western Africa. That makes it an important link in the global
sustainable transport network. In that context we are working with our
brothers in Africa and with our development partners through our
regional organizations such as COMESA and IGAD and others in order to
link countries of the continent via a sustainable multimodal transport
network. To translate this vision into reality we have the proposed
transcontinental Dakar-Port Sudan Railway, which is 4000 I(m long, to
link Port Sudan in Sudan with Dal(ar in Senegal, and it would pass
through several countries along the way. It would have branches to link
capital cities not on the direct route. This initial line would develop into
a railway network that would cover the whole of Africa. There is also
the Cairo-Cape Town Highway, known as Trans-African Highway 4,
which would stretch the length of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town.
Construction of a navigational line between Lake Victoria and the
Mediterranean Sea is also a proposed project which is expected to be
completed in 2024. The idea is to promote intermodal transport by
integrating river, rail and road transport facilities along the Nile
The African Union has also some flagship projects including the Single
African Air Transport Market (SAATM), under the AU Agenda 2063; the
African Integrated High-Speed Railway Network (AIHSRN); Smart
Corridors for Transforming Africa's Trans-border Infrastructure and
Trade Facilitation; and Increasing African Ports Capacity and Efficiency
for Economic Growth.
As you may already know, our country is endowed with vast rich
natural resources, making it one of the world's potential breadbaskets.
Accordingly, the international community has a considerable and
constructive role to play in this domain. It should multiply efforts and
provide more support for Sudan in order to achieve mutual interests for
itself in particular and for the rest of the world in general. It should
assist us in building a sustainable transport network so that the fruits of
these mutual efforts could reach all our brothers in humanity.
I would like now to declare on behalf of the government of the Republic
of Sudan and on my own behalf our firm commitment to make every
effort in order to achieve all the foregoing ambitious projects and ideas,
paving the way for a decent life for our people and for our brothers and
friends across the globe.
Finally, Sudan has many advantages to attract foreign investment in the
following areas:
1- Rail transport infrastructure;
2-Road transport infrastructure; and
3- Air transport infrastructure.
Thank you.