United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

South Africa

ON 12 APRIL 2005
South Africa associates itself with the remarks of the representative of the Group of 77
and China.
We welcome the reflection in the Chair?s Summary for IWRM pla n to be tailored to the
particular needs of individual countries. This highlights the challenge of meeting the
needs of poorer developing countries for which continued and increased technical
assistance and financial support will be needed.
We are however concerned that there is not adequate reflection in the Chair?s Summary
of the JPOI targets in relation to IWRM and of the specific support that is required to
achieve them. We also believe that CSD should indicate by which mechanism this target
is being monitored.
In relation to the achievement of water use efficiency, we must emphasize that access to
market and trade reform is of vital and direct importance since the agricultural sector in
developing countries, particularly in Africa, which should bene fit most from such reform
can only afford to invest in more efficient water use if they receive fair returns for their
production, which is not currently the case.
The achievement of both the IWRM, and the water supply and sanitation targets will
depend on the mobilization of additional financial resources and we welcome the
confirmation of this in the Chair?s Summary and the progress made, which have already
been reported.
In this context it is important that ODA support should be provided in a more streamlined
and efficient manner and emphasize the importance of better coordination and
harmonization of donor efforts.
Finally, we believe that the implementation of water supply and sanitation programs
should not have to await the completion of endless cyc les of capacity building and
institutional development programs but should be implemented in parallel with them, an
approach that we refer to as ?learning by doing?.