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SOS Kinderdorf International

Thank you Mr. Chairman,
I am here to express the support of small-scale artisanal fishers to Objective 14 on the Ocean and its targets as proposed by the Open Working Group. We find then pertinent as a whole, as long as relevant and practical indicators accompany them.
We are grateful for Target 14b which seeks to ensure access to marine resources and markets for artisanal fishers.
We have wanted to make comments in writing on the indicators proposed by the Statistical Commission. They are available on our website, or you can also contact me.
My comments on the indicators are the following:
About Target 14.4 (fisheries), Indicator 14.4.1: we are surprised by the absence of action against Illegal and destructive fishing, which is however mentioned in the text of the Target itself. A robust indicator could be the number of countries ratifying and Party to the FAO Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA).
About Target 14.5 (Marine Protected Areas), In Indicator 14.5.1: we miss a reference to the different types of MPAs. In how many of them do artisanal fishers participate their management? We also note that there is no reference to High Seas MPAs.
About the two indicators proposed for Target 14.6: the issue of subsidies is of special concern to the artisanal fishing sector, because they distort the markets. What is proposed here is confusing. We need optimum transparency, and to distinguish between different types of subsidies. Those that facilitate the development of good practices are useful. Those that contribute to overcapacity and overfishing are disastrous.
And to finish, the Indicators for Target 14b, of special interest for us; what is proposed does not appear acceptable. To certify a fisheries is expensive and we are a low income sector. We cannot but express our surprise that this certification criteria would apply to us but not to industrial fishing.
Thank you.