United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Solomon Islands

Mr. Chairman,
Solomon Islands associate itself with the statement made by the distinguished delegate of
Maldives on behalf of the AOSIS and Pakistan on behalf of the G77 and China.
Mr. Chairman,
On the issue of climate change, the impact of climate change to our fragile environment,
have seen the intensification of natural disasters, only less than four weeks ago
earthquakes and tsunami hit a portion of my country, that has caused land slides, shifted
fishing grounds, disrupted agriculture, damaged coastal infrastructure and marine habitat,
uplifted corals, sunk islands, created environmental refugees and contaminated water
sources. Climate Change is a security, economic and social issue and underlines the
sustainable development and the existence of the world?s vulnerable members of the UN,
the SIDS.
In addressing climate change, an appropriate respond is to double our efforts to have the
matter discussed as a thematic issue within the General Assembly. My delegation would
like to call for a General Assembly Special Session on this and ECOSOC to examine who
is doing what and how to coordinate the international system to address the challenges of
climate change. No commitment must be made without resources. Matters relating to
OCHEA in responding to disaster must be improved in which immediate basic needs of
food, water, medicine and shelter must be dispatch when disaster strikes. Solomon
Islands hopes its experience could underline the importance of having a quick response
from the International community and the UN system and an early warning system be put
in place.
Mr. Chairman,
The UN wider system need to structurally respond to the impact of climate change. The
UN system needs to streamline its common commitments in implementing agreed
Climate change international frameworks such as the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol.
These Agreements have not been matched by resources, for SIDS there is the Mauritius
Strategy; it remains a strategy unless it is translated into action. The challenge of
adaptability is something we live and will continue to do so.
Mr. Chairman,
My delegation call on the CSD15 to come up with a doable document that provide for
real commitments matched by resources to implement climate change mitigation and
adaptation challenges facing the most vulnerable countries such as SIDS and LDCs.
My delegation would like to close by thanking your government for its assistance to
Solomon Islands recent tsunami including France, United States, Turkey, Taiwan,
Singapore, EU, OCHA, UNDP, WMO, UNICEF, and all UN Agencies including my own
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neighbours Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Pacific states through
our regional framework.
Thank you Mr. Chairman,