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Solomon Islands

Mr. President,
Solomon Islands would like to begin by associating itself with the statement delivered by
Grenada on behalf of AOSIS and the statement delivered by Papua New Guinea on
behalf of the Pacific Islands Group of States.
Mr. President,
As a Small Island Developing States we share a special relationship with the spirit of
Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) through its environmental vulnerability,
as such Solomon Islands would like this matched with a special section in the outcome
document dedicated to SIDS. The Review Session of CSD accorded a session for SIDS,
unfortunately no such session is made available in the policy year. If possible this could
become one of the recommendations of this session. Secondly we would like to see a
more predictable mechanism be established including renewable energy technology
transfer trust fund be put in place for SIDS to access. Solomon Islands is pleased to note
the positive working relationship with GEF in making it reach to the pacific more
friendly and accessible.
Mr. President,
On the issue of energy security, Solomon Islands spends a third of its national budget on
fossil fuel to energize just 20% of its population. As stated in the preparatory process, we
see renewable energy in particular community based hydro schemes as a means of
reaching out to our people. We look to our partner countries for possible cooperation
especially for those that have affordable renewable energy technologies and look forward
to work with them. Solomon Islands is launching its rural based renewable strategy, if all
goes well with international support, this will unlock economic opportunities in the rural
areas and will trigger and drive the industrialization process. Bulk buying of energy
products is one of the agreed outcomes of our Pacific Forum Energy Ministers Meeting
last week. This is an arrangement my delegation would like to see it come out of the
Chairman?s text.
My delegation would like to also acknowledge countries such as Italy for providing funds
to SIDS and the Pacific region in assisting in meeting its renewable energy challenges
and look forward to working with Italy in this sector as well as Australia.
Mr. President,
My delegation close by assuring you of our cooperation and hope the plea of the most
vulnerable members of the UN will be heard and acted upon.
I thank you.
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Mr. President,
On the issue of climate change, the impact of climate change to our fragile environment,
have seen the intensification of natural disasters, only less than four weeks ago
earthquakes and tsunami hit a portion of my country, that has caused land slides, shifted
fishing grounds, disrupted agriculture, damaged coastal infrastructure, uplifted corals,
sunk islands, created environmental refugees and contaminated water sources. Climate
Change is a security, economic and social issue.
An appropriate respond is to double our efforts to have the matter discussed as a thematic
issue within the General Assembly. My delegation would like to call for a GA Special
Session on this and ECOSOC to examine who is doing what and how to coordinate the
international system to address the challenges of climate change. No commitment must
be made without resources. Matters relating to OCHEA in responding to disaster must be
improved in which immediate basic needs of food, water, medicine and shelter must be
dispatch when disaster strikes. Solomon Islands hopes its experience could underline the
importance of having a quick response from the International community and the UN
system and an early warning system put in place.
Mr. President
The UN wider system need to structurally respond to the impact of climate change. The
UN system needs to streamline its common commitment in implementing agreed Climate
change international frameworks. These Agreements have not been matched by resources
for SIDS there is the Mauritius Strategy; it remains a strategy unless it is translated into
action. The challenge of adaptability is something we live and will continue to do so.
Mr. President,
I close by thanking your government for its assistance to Solomon Islands recent tsunami
including France, United States, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore, EU, OCHA, UNDP, WMO,
UNICEF, and all UN Agencies including my own neigbours Australia, New Zealand,
Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Pacific states through our regional framework.
Thank you Mr. President.