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Statement for the CSD15 IPM
By H.E. Ambassador Collin Beck
Permanent Representative of Solomon Islands to the
United Nations
26 February 2006, New York
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800 Second Avenue, Suite 400L, New York N.Y. 10017, Tel: (212)599-6192, Fax: (212)661-8925
Website:http://www.solomons.com, Email:simny@solomons.com
Mr President,
Solomon Islands wish to begin by associating this statement with the statement
issued by Cape Verde on behalf of AOSIS and welcome this policy discussion on
sustainable issues. On the thematic areas, Solomon Islands identify access to
energy as a challenge where 80% of its population have no access to any form
of energy. It is the country?s intention to have 70% of its population hooked up
to renewable energy, through, hydro and bio fuel means, this is due to the
scatterness of the islands and large rural population.
Madam Co-chair,
Noting that the Pacific region has been identified by the UN report as off track in
terms of meeting its MDGs, as stated in my other colleagues, the Pacific region
continue to be heavily dependant on imported fossil energy . In the case of
Solomon Islands, import of fossil fuel account for more than a third of the
government?s annual budget. In this connection we are looking for partnerships
in bulk purchasing of fossil fuel with producing countries hoping this
arrangement will free up funds to allow the country to address other MDGs.
Madam Co-chair,
As a Small Island State, Solomon Islands looks to renewable energy as a
mitigating measure in also addressing climate change issues and to trigger clean
industrialization process. In this regards we hope, that there would be a UN wide
coordinated approach of providing technical support in assisting member states
realizing this goal.
Madam Co-chair,
Financing for developing continue to be a challenge in translating the country?s
energy strategies and activities. We continue to look for innovative ways of
coming up with funds, Solomon Islands wish to share a concept it explored last
year, this is the establishment of a renewable energy revolving funds set up
within the country?s Central Bank, details of the mechanism is being worked out
and hope once established all partners could support and contribute towards
such a worthwhile concept. We support the establishment of a similar concept at
international level.
Solomon Islands close by assuring you of our ongoing support as we continue
the deliberation on an issue that is central to development of our people.