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Post-2015 Intergovernmental Preparatory Process
24 March 2015
Delivered by Valeria Zolcerova, Permanent Mission of Slovakia to the UN

• I align my statement with the statement delivered by the EU and I pleased to add some national remarks.

• Distinguished Co-Facilitators, at the outset let me thank you for your work and for leading us to this point of the negotiations. I would also like to thank the UN Statistical Commission for presenting the Technical Report with preliminary indicators and the roadmap.

• We emphasize the important role of indicators and welcome the inclusion of statistical experts into the process of defining indicators at this early stage. We are well aware that the development of indicators should be a technical process which cannot be rushed, and so a sufficient time should be provided for this process. The work on indicators must involve actors from the UN including the UN Task Team as well as other relevant stakeholders.

• The indicators will play a key role in monitoring of the implementation of the Post-2015 development agenda. They should be measurable and policy relevant, so further technical work is needed by experts and we need to respect the decision of the UN Statistical Commission.

• The total number of global indicators needs to be limited and reduced by selecting indicators that are relevant for targets in a balanced way. We believe that some of these indicators will need new findings and analysis as well as additional capacities for their implementations.

• The global indicators need to allow for comparability and aggregation and should be used by all countries.

• We also believe that National Statistical Offices will play an important role at this work, as the global indicators need to be supported by national and regional indicators. The Statistical Office of Slovakia takes this process seriously and made contributions to the initial country assessment questionnaire on indicators.

• The Technical Report by the UNSC gives the first overview on possible indicators based on country assessments. Since a limited number of countries participated in the assessment the preliminary indicators can be more optimistic and less realistic. A great deal of work needs to be done in the forthcoming months on the indicators.

• At this stage we need to define the requirements and new instruments as well as national capacities needed for establishing a proper statistical monitoring system after 2015. The Statistical Office of Slovakia is aware of the fact that the creation of a new set of indicators will require a new set of responsibility in strengthening the national statistical capacities and data collection.

• The process of creation indicators must be transparent and much attention should be paid to the quality of data for indicators. The indicators should be easily understood and measurable. They must be built on existing international indicators and avoid duplications.

• Distinguished Co-Facilitators, we would further appreciate your guidance in this process and will stay engaged.

• Thank you for your attention.