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Ship and Ocean Foundation

July 9, 2017
Partnership Dialogue #7 Intervention by The Ocean Policy Research Institute, the
Sasakawa Peace Foundation (formerly called the Ship and Ocean Foundation)
Theme of Dialogue: Enhancing the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their
resources by implementing international law as reflected in the United Nations
Convention on the Law of the Sea
Thank you Mr. Moderator, Co-chairs, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation formerly called
the Ship and Ocean Foundation is Japan’s only NGO specializing in ocean policy research
and advocacy.
Japan is Island State composed of over 6000 islands. OPRI is a sister foundation of the
Nippon Foundation. We are committed to implementing our voluntary commitment,
which is the Islands and Oceans Net (IO Net), and we are a proud member of the Roadmap
to Oceans and Climate Action (ROCA), which Dr. Biliana Cicin-Sain in lead.
Towards the implementation of UNCLOS, it is important that international society and
regions and developing States cooperate in advancing initiatives for the transfer of
technology, as prescribed in Article 144 of UNCLOS. Coordination among multistakeholders
can help make those connections.
IO Net was launched during a side event at SIDS2014 by OPRI, ANCORS of Wollongong
University, and technical partners working for Island States such as SPC, PIFS, SPREP
and USP.
It is a network for voluntary and autonomous collaborations by a variety of stakeholders
from international society and island States.
We Ocean Policy Research Institute serve as IO Net secretariat, and together with Partners
is now making efforts for the implementation of concrete projects focused on four (4)
areas. Firstly 1) the conservation and management of islands, 2) secondary conservation
of their surrounding waters, 3) thirdly responses to climate change and variability, 4) and
fourthly capacity building.
An example of a concrete project is development of an island management strategy for
island states. This would be an island management strategy at the national level that
supports achieving international goals such as SDGs, the Aichi Targets, and the Paris
Agreement, as well as regional strategies such as that of Pacific OceanScape and
PEMSEA in east Asia.
We OPRI is committed to promote national island management strategies that take into
consideration regional and international contexts which is under pined by sound science
and various stakeholder participation in the implementation of international law as
reflected in the UNCLOS.
I thank you for your kind attention.
Islands and Oceans Net (IO Net)
The Islands and Oceans Net, IO Net is an international collaborative network
for the organizations and individuals, called Partners who support the Joint
Policy Recommendations “For the Better Conservation and Management of
Islands and Their Surrounding Ocean Areas”, and collaborate and cooperate
on a voluntary basis to implement it. IO Net facilitates the collection and
sharing of relevant information and the development and implementation of
projects to be undertaken by the Partners.
Secretariat of IO Net
Dr. Keita Furukawa, Mr. Yuhei Murakami
The Ocean Policy Research Institute,
Sasakawa Peace Foundation
ionet@spf.or.jp http://blog.canpan.info/ionet/
Specific projects will be formulated through discussions
by the interested Partners. Upon the formation of the
project, its members will manage it autonomously.
IO Net Partner
PPP, Fieldwork
Social Science
Natural Science
Practitioners Local
IO Net Partners
Joint Policy Recommendations
2-1 Conservation and
Management of Islands
2-2 Management of Surrounding
Ocean Areas
2-3 Response to Climate Change
3. Capacity Building and
Institutional Strengthening
#OceanAction 14963
Resilience of
Island Communities
Waste Management
Renewable Energy
Conservation of
Sustainable Transport
SPC reaffirms its commitment to supporting the sustainable development of Small Islands Developing States
Potential DSM Deposits in the Pacific Region
Deep Sea Mining
Sustainable Fisheries
Response to Climate Change
CoML (2010)
Since SIDS2014
# Possible IO Net Projects Preparatory Working Group
Members (TBD), focal Points
1 Development of Island Management Strategies
2 Eco-Engineering for Sustainable Land Management SPC, UT, UA,
3 Coastal Ecosystem (Coral Reef, Mangrove Forests and Seagrass bed) Conservation Project using ICM Package SPREP, OPRI, NI
Platform for the Accumulation of Oceanographic Basic Data, Promotion of Marine Scientific Research and Capacity
Developing and Implementing a Plan for Coastal Disaster Prevention using Integrated Coastal Management (ICM)
Strategies in the Independent State of Samoa
6 Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Cross-border Environmentally Displaced Persons
IUCN Oceania
7 Start up of Regional Monitoring Network Platform on Ocean Acidification OPRI, JAMSTEC, USP
8 Jurisdictional Approach for Baseline Management and Conservation of Islands ANCORS, GEBCO, (ABLOS)
9 Sustainable Transport ICNet, USP
UT: Univ. of Tokyo, UA: Univ. of Auckland,
WU: Waseda Univ., NUS: National Univ. of Samoa,
NI: Nansei Env. Inst.