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Saudi Arabia

Statement by Saudi Arabia
Statement on Climate Change
Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for CSD-15
New York ? Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Saudi Arabia would like to align itself with the statement made by the Distinguish Delegate of Pakistan on behalf of the Group of 77 and China.
Mr. Chairman,
As it is well established, adaptation is the primary focus of developing countries. Therefore, it should receive equal attention mitigation. It should be stressed that adaptation includes adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change and the adverse impacts of response measures.
We would like to emphasize that meeting the commitments of Developing Countries in addressing climate change issues depend greatly on the industrials countries meeting their respective commitments in providing the financial, technological and capacity building assistance to developing countries. Therefore, Saudi Arabia supports the call upon Developed Countries to demonstrate leadership in dealing with this importance issue by meeting their UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol Commitment and contributing to the existing funds, such as the Special Climate Change Fund, the LDC Fund and the Adaptation fund.
Furthermore, we call for the adoption of win-win policies and measures that lead to individual and collective mitigation measure for greenhouse gases reduction, while at the same time ensuring the minimization of impacts on international trade, as well as the socio-economic sectors in other countries, especially developing countries.
Mr. Chairman, The IPCC and UNFCCC talk about stabilization of GHG concentrations. As Mr. Moss said, we should not wait for agreement on a target or a number; action is required. In that regard, it must be stressed that stabilization, at whatever value, in not achievable without wide and immediate application of Carbon Capture and Storage technology.
In order to support developing countries efforts to contribute to the global effort to address this important challenge, we need to streamline and simplify the procedures for CDM projects, in order to attract more participation. We should make it easier for both the developed countries in meeting their GHG reduction commitments and developing counties in attracting these projects.
Carbon Capture and Storage projects should be one of the main avenues for just such projects.
Thank you Mr. Chairman.