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Republic of Korea

Proposal to observe gthe UN / World Energy Efficiency Dayh
to enhance promoting the energy efficiency on the global level
Ms. Jai-ok, Kim
President of Consumers Korea ( Former CACPK)
Member of PCSD, Rep. of Korea
Energy committee of the Govft of Rep. Korea
E mail : jokim@consumerskorea.org
Mr. Chairman, distinguished delegates,
It is my pleasure to give a statement to UN CSD today on behalf of the
Consumers Korea, Energy Caucus/CSD NGO as well as a member of
the Energy Committee of the Government of the Republic of Korea and
the Presidential Commission of Sustainable Development.
Because of rapidly increasing amount of world energy consumption, air
pollution and climate change is very significant situations; I would like
to propose that UN CSD recommends to ECOSOC and the GA
observance of gUN/World Energy Efficiency Dayh to enhance promoting
the energy efficiency on the global level.
Energy Efficiency
Mr. Chairman, as you know, the co-benefits from implementing energy
efficiency measures are numerous, including reduced costs, reduced
energy demand, improved air quality and reduced greenhouse gas
emissions. However, market-related and institutional barriers need to be
overcome and improved energy efficiency technologies need to be made
available to promote the adoption and use of energy efficiency measures.
Creating increase awareness of the long-term advantages of energy
efficiency and promoting cooperation among all nations is further
practical measure that could increase the energy efficiency.
In this regards, the role of industries to promote EE are very important.
Energy efficiency and conservation can reduce energy use by up to 70
-90%, so that no new nuclear and fossil fuel plants would be needed.
International Cooperation
As a NGO, Consumers Korea has been working on campaigns and
actions to promote energy efficiency and sustainable consumption &
production for last 10 years in close cooperation with its international
partners and Ministry of Commerce, Energy and Industry and Ministry
of Environment of Rep. Korea. One of the campaigns could lead to
improve energy efficiency of electric home appliances and keep
contributing to change in public lifestyle which is the sustainable
consumption patterns.
gUN / World Energy Efficiency Dayh
As we pursue to promote the energy efficiency, we recognize that having
the chance to cooperate and share the progress with the implementation
of the actions and successful experiences to promote energy efficiency
for all distinguished governments and international organizations is
essential. And it is needed to establish the gUN/World Energy Efficiency
Dayh to assure dissemination of the energy efficiency.
Having a "UN / World Energy Efficiency Day" could have various
positive impacts: It could encourage organizations who already organize
some form of local campaigns. It will be also provide some form of
better justification for people engaged in such public benefit
campaigning to secure greater government participation and support
and more public or private funding.
"UN / World Energy Efficiency Day" could contribute to sustainable
energy consumption through fostering use of energy efficiency with
additional "moral support". The Ministry of commerce, Energy and
Industry of Rep. of Korea will share its experience and to support the
UN in implementing such campaigns in the future.
We would like to strongly propose to observe 09 May, the opening day of
the high level segment of CSD-15, as "UN / World Energy Efficiency
Thank you Mr. Chairman.
Consumers Korea (former CACPK)
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