United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Republic of Korea

Statement by Mr. Won Do-yeon
Director for Multilateral Development Cooperation and
Humanitarian Assistance, Development Cooperation Bureau,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea
Post-2015 Intergovernmental Negotiations (April Session and
September Summit Interactive Dialogue Themes)
27 March 2015, New York
Thank you, Mr. Co-Facilitator, for giving me the floor.
I would first like to commend your leadership and hard work
throughout this week.
To begin with, I wish to comment on the proposal for the joint
session program circulated last night. My delegation is of the view
that important means of implementation issues including both
financial and non-financial MOIs should be resolved mainly at the
Addis Ababa Conference in July in a comprehensive and
integrated manner, and then they should be properly incorporated
into the outcome document of the post-2015 development agenda
in order to maximize synergies between the two processes.
In this regard, we are mostly supportive of the proposed program
as it seems to be drafted in such a way to minimize overlapping
and duplication of the work in two tracks.
However, we are not fully convinced if this group needs to spend
one morning session discussing the outstanding issues of
Financing for Development negotiations. Bearing in mind what the
distinguished representative of the Maldives said this morning
about the sessions being too exciting, we are concerned that this
session of outstanding issues may turn out to be another very
exciting session rather than a predictable one. Our view is that a
half-hour debriefing should be sufficient. Instead, we would like to
suggest that we spend more time on discussing global
partnership, as Japan suggested, and follow-up and review which
should deserve more attention.
Now, with your kind indulgence, I wish to make one quick
comment regarding the themes for interactive dialogues at the
September Summit.
Korea is of the view that the interactive sessions will have to be
organized so that they reflect all the three dimensions of SDGs in
a balanced manner and capture headline messages for our
ambitious and transformative agenda.
In this regard, we are generally supportive of the circulated
themes as they are. In particular, although we are aware that the
Co-Facilitators and some other delegations indicated an appetite
for focusing on more substantive issues, we would still like to
express our support for maintaining the last item on the list which
is reviewing the progress on SDG commitments. We think
considering the importance of implementation and review
mechanism, this issue should be given sufficient attention by our
I will stop here. Thank you. /END/