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Private Sector Forum

ECOSOC Teleconference – Klaus Talking Points
Talofa to you all
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen
Thank you for this opportunity .
1. Sharing best practices from the PSPF
Acknowledge the confidence placed in the Samoa Chamber of Commerce by the UNOHRLLS and the Government of Samoa to be a partner in organizing the Private Sector Partnership Forum.
This is the first time that a PSPF has been convened in the margins of SIDS and we can say with confidence that it was a huge success.
The challenge now is moving the key outcomes forward.
Other remarks
a. Govt. of Samoa’s confidence in Chamber co-hosting the PSPF
b. Established relationship with UNOHRLLS
c. Mobilized support from member companies and potential members (Digicel and Matson Shipping)
d. Build the capacity of the Samoan private sector to cater for / host international events / meetings of this size
Recommendation for Improvement
e. PSPF last session – High Level Dialogue – Private sector participants believed that there should have been greater private sector speakers and contribution into this session. The majority of speakers were from UN Agencies.
2. Partnerships confirmed after SIDS
a. Chamber and Tindall Foundation on capacity building of Young rural farmers in business related trainings
b. UNOSSC/SSGate MOU to establish a country centre in Samoa with Chamber for the transfer of technology and assets to potential SMEs
c. Establishment of a Global Business Network (discussions in progress but a country centre would be one activity to kick start this initiative)
d. ITC signing MOU with the National University of Samoa to roll out trainings for Women entrepreneurs
3. SIDS Trade Village was a huge success where local and overseas exhibitors show cased their products
a. Great marketing initiative
b. More products now registered with Pacific brands as a step up from the local market
c. International exposure of local and regional products
d. Recommend that this remain a part of future SIDS meetings
4. The SAMOA Pathway in particular the section on “Sustained and sustainable inclusive and equitable economic growth with decent work for all”
a. The focus of this section on sustainable economic growth is a step forward and the clear recognition of the role of the private sector as a key partner in ensuring that sustainable development aspirations become a reality in SIDS.
b. Chamber’s confident that the enabling environment at the national and regional levels will be enhanced to attract more public and private investment in building and maintaining appropriate infrastructure, including ports, roads, transportation, electricity and power generation and information and communications technology infrastructure, and also enhancing the development impact of the private sector and the financial services industry;
c. Chamber’s also encouraged by fostered entrepreneurship and innovation, building capacity and increasing the competitiveness and social entrepreneurship of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and State-owned enterprises in small island developing States, as well as encouraging inclusive and sustainable industrial development with the participation ofall people, including the poor, women, youth and persons with disabilities;
5. Way Forward post SIDS
a. Ability of Chamber to host/co-host international forums
b. Trade fairs promoted for regional and international meetings
c. Continue fostering current and seek new durable and extraordinary partnerships
d. Use PIPSO and PIFS partnership to move key outcomes forward in the Pacific Region. n
e. Regionally will choose 3 keys issues from PSPF outcomes to push forward 1) Connectivity – telecommunications-sub marine cable 2) Agri-Business 3) Moving businesses from the informal sector to the formal sector – covers inclusive and equitable economic growth
f. Vehicle to move the above 3 issues forward on a regional level – through Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO) and Pacific Islands Forum Secretariart (PIFS) . PIPSO has the opportunity to dialogue with officials’ during the Forum Economics Ministers Meeting (FEMM) and with Leaders during the Forum Leaders Meeting. Next year the theme for FEMM is private sector development so it is a opportune time to move key private sector priorities forward .
g. Support the recommendation to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation mechanism to track progress in the SAMOA Pathway outcomes.
Thank you once again for this opportunity to provide feedback on the SIDS from the private sector perspective.