United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Speaking Points of His Excellency Mr. Paulo Lemos
Secretary of State for Environment
Republic of Portugal
Interactive Dialogue #4 – “Protecting our Planet and Combatting Climate Change”
STRUCTURE - Intervention in three points:
1. Climate change: a sustainable development challenge
2. Paris in the horizon: looking for global agreement
3. Portugal is preparing for the future: going for green growth
Good afternoon.
Greetings to the hosts and to all the participants on behalf of Portugal.
1. Climate change: a sustainable development challenge
 From the policy perspective it’s clear that we need to rethink the development processes and to assume a more ambitious agenda focused on the long term.
 The goal (13th) “taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” assumes a set of underlying ideas:
o Immediate action is needed: today not tomorrow
o To build capacities – from passive to active resilience
o To promote awareness, education and communication
o Resources are need - more millions to invest
o But need more than that for being more effective
 Society engagement
 Innovation and even technological disruption
 Political commitment
2. Paris in the horizon: looking for global agreement
 COP Ambition - Securing an effective, ambitious, fair and legally binding 2015 Agreement is our key and mutual challenge - a challenge we must meet in order to address climate change and limit its impacts effectively, equitably and with a long-term perspective.
 We have to adopt a single global, rules-based, legally binding agreement, preferably in the form of a new Protocol, applicable to all, according to common but differentiated responsibilities, in order to ensure the global temperature increase stays below 2° C.
 This agreement should foster climate resilience as well as facilitate adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.
 Furthermore, it should also address the financial gap and to enhance a global carbon market, linking national, regional and sectorial cap-and-trade schemes.
 This ambition at the international level is fully in line with our national vision and with the steps we are undertaking at home.