United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Poland and Romania

Economic growth, industrialization, infrastructure and energy.

These focus areas are very important for sustainable development and they are closely connected and interlinked. Energy and industrialization play a critical role in economic growth. Competitive economies require well-functioning infrastructure with access to modern energy services. All of these areas are also crucial to eradicate poverty and to ensure prosperity (employment creation, access to energy, water supply ).
All of these areas have also environmental and social impacts.
We would like to suggest to merge these focus areas into one goal.
The action areas and targets for this goal should be following:
• Ensuring universal access for both women and men to modern energy services, improving energy efficiency and promote cleaner, modern low-emissions energy technologies.
• Promote enabling business environments and conducive regulatory fiscal and tax systems.
• Promote entrepreneurship, small and medium scale enterprises for men and women.
• Advancing sustainable and inclusive industrial development and environmentally sound industrial processes.
• Promotion of green economy and environmental – related industries in order to ensure sustainable economic growth.
• Improving water supply system, developing sewerage and wastewater treatment
• Proper use of urban space.
• Due account to the social infrastructure (schools, hospitals).
(It can be used and read out or not)
As regards the means of implementation under these Focus Areas it can be understood that there are special MoI for each goal. That doesn’t seem correct because all the MoIs could be used to achieve implementation of all goals. Selection of concrete MoI is related rather to national circumstances than to the goals that they should serve.