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Poland and Romania

Speaking points of Poland and Romania: Needs of countries of special situation

Mr. Co-chair!
Countries in special situations, namely African countries (east Developed Countries LDCs, Land Locked Developing Countries LLDCs, Small Island Developing Countries (SIDS) and Middle Income Countries (MICs) all the time face significant challenges that must overcome in order to achieve inclusive, equitable and sustainable development for all (all face similar circumstances and each category also faces unique circumstances and concerns that the SDGs should address).
Africa’s progress for achieving MDGs remains uneven. Progress and advances have been made as regards the primary education school enrolment (MDG2), representation of women in decision making and stemming (MDG3 gender equality and women’s empowerment), stemming the spread of HIV/AIDS (MDG6 combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases). Unfortunately the rate of the poverty reduction on the continent cannot reach MDG1 poverty target by 2015. Million of youth are unemployed, health system are underdeveloped, preventable maternal mortality is high (significant challenges in meeting MDGs 4 and 5 on child mortality and maternal health). Moreover many countries face adverse impacts of climate challenges, water scarcity, food insecurity, biodiversity and ecosystem loss, deforestation, land degradation, desertification, drought, coastal erosion (MDG7 on environmental sustainability). The situation is exacerbated in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa with the persistent hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition, in particular amongst children.
Political instability and recurrent conflicts have also hampered the continent’s development efforts and are closely linked to an explosion of urban crime, gang activity, organized crime, human and drug trafficking, piracy and terrorism. These challenges reflect the complex nexus between peace, security and development as well as the need for a holistic and comprehensive approach.
The Way Forward
Africa needs to transform its economies to create wealth, strengthen its productive capacities and minimize inequalities. More focus should be given to the implementation of previously agreed development commitments including the Millennium Declaration and the MDGs to advance action in the areas critical to Africa’s sustainable development, in particular the cooperation with the New Partnership for Africa’s Development.
SDGs should continue to have the eradication of the extreme poverty as a principal objective. Sustainable and inclusive growth should create employment and livelihood opportunities (especially for women and youth), ensuring at the same time the protection of natural assets and resourses, diversification of economies and transition to green economies. Structural economic transformation and capacity building should be highlighted.
A sustainable development agenda should also support: peace and stability, rule of law, good governance, institutional reforms, efficiency, transparency, fight against corruption, clear property rights and enforceable contracts.
Human development should contribute to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition in all forms. The special focus should be given to the empowerment of women, girls and other vulnerable groups as well as population health care, education, social protection.
Climate change and sea level rise constitutes a serious threat in particular to SIDS. All countries should undertake and enhance their commitments to the UNFCCC processes in rising the mitigation ambition level. The SG’s Leader’s summit Climate Change Summit in September 2014 will be an opportunity to increase the mitigation level. The operationalisation of the Green Climate Fund by early 2014 to scale up financing to reach USD 100 billion by 2020.
The biodiversity, health, productivity and resilience of oceans and marine ecosystems are very important to the global community as they contribute to the poverty eradication, sustained economic growth, food security and creation of sustainable livelihoods and decent work in the developing countries. We are of the opinion that oceans and seas should be integrated into SDGs in a for of a specific goal or cross-cutting targets.

Thank you very much.