United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


The high-level United Nations Conference to Support the
Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and
sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for
sustainable development
Thank you Mr. President,
The main objective of our Conference is to identify ways and
means to support the implementation of Sustainable Development
Goal 14, build on existing partnerships and stimulate innovative and
concrete new partnerships in this regard.
Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement on climate change are
crucial and complementary documents for the successful
implementation of the goal SDG 14.
Poland has participated in the negotiations of Agenda 2030 and
its 17 Sustainable Development Goals very actively. We have always
strongly supported the establishment of the Goal SDG 14. This goal is
very important for countries, which development and economy
depend on the use of oceans and seas. In this regard I recognize a
special situation of small island developing states (SIDS}.
"My delegation joins others in calling for the Secretary-General
to continue his efforts to support the implementation of SDG14, and
in this context, stresses the importance of appointing a Special
Representative of the Secretary General for Oceans, to help galvanize
efforts to support SDG14 implementation."
Mr. President,
Poland is committed to marine protection. Along with the other
states situated by the Baltic Sea, from the early 70s' we have
undertaken actions to monitor and protect the Baltic environment in
accordance with the Convention on the Protection of the Marine
Environment of the Baltic Sea Area or HELCOM (Helsinki
Moreover as the European Union member state, Poland
established the Marine Strategy Framework Directive with the range
of actions to protect the marine environment in the coming years.
The framework is focused on fighting the pollution and the marine
debris as well as all the actions associated with the preservation of
the marine ecosystems.
Mr. President,
Despite the fact that Poland has no access to any ocean, we
take into consideration oceans' great role in the regulation of the
world's climate, both in the scope of the concentration of the
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the global temperature
increase. The negative impact of climate change on oceans and seas
is beyond any question.
In 2018 Poland will host the largest UN Conference on climate
change - COP24. It will be the third time for the Polish Government
to organize COP. The previous climate conferences were held in
Poznan (COP14 in 2008) and in Warsaw (COP19 in 2013). Both were
perceived as very successful. It was in Warsaw where we collective!:
laid foundations for the Paris Agreement and agreed to submit
Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs).
We are aware of the responsibility assumed by the COP
Presidency. Poland intends to lead the global climate negotiations in
the spirit of the Paris Agreement - ensuring participation of all
countries, transparency of the negotiations and respect of different
national circumstances. The priority for COP24 it will be the adoption
of the so-called rulebook {a detailed rules for implementation of the
Paris Agreement) as well as the Facilitative Dialogue - a summary of
all collective efforts by the signatories of the Paris Agreement up to
We look forward to enhancing our cooperation with all Parties
to complete the creation of the new climate protection regime during
the COP24 in Poland. Our ambition is to establish the sustainable
path of the world with its three dimensions: environmental,
economic and social.
Mr. President.
The ocean remains a common property of all nations.
We believe that all states can possibly contribute to the oceans and
seas protection. Government of the Republic of Poland has
undertaken several major steps in order to secure and preserve
natural resources of the Baltic Sea.
The achievement of my country in the implementation of goal
14 (particularly target 14.5 on marine protected areas) is establishing
of the Seal Sanctuary in Hel, a popular Polish resort at the Baltic Sea.
The other significant achievement was establishing of the System of
Coastal and Marine Baltic Sea Protected Areas {BSPA).
Mr. President,
Here in the UN, together with our partners from Italy, the
Bahamas, Kenya, Palau, the important NGO Oceans Sanctuary
Alliance and the Stony Brook University {Institute for Ocean
Conservation Science) Poland is one of the co - chairs of the Steering
Committee "10x20 Initiative on Marine Protected Areas".
The initiative 10x20 was launched to contribute to
implementation of target 5 of sustainable development goal SDG14
which aims to conserve, by 2020, at least 10 percent of coastal and
marine areas and biodiversity.
Taking this opportunity, from this place I would like to thank my
distinguished colleagues for their efforts and involvement
in our initiative and encourage all UN member states and other
stakeholders to join us.
Thank you very much.