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Energy, economic growth, employment and infrastructure

We thank the co-chairs for the target proposals on these FAs. As regards energy we welcome the targets on universal access to sustainable modern energy services and the improvement in energy efficiency. As regards the target a) we would like to propose the following wording: “to increase the share of the renewable energy in the global energy mix” (instead of double). As regards the target d) “by 2030 increase by x% the share of clean and low- or zero-emission energy technologies, including sustainable biomass and advanced cookstoves” we are of the opinion that it is overlapping in relation to target “b” on the share of renewable energy since the biomass can be regarded as a part of the sources of renewable energy.
We are of the opinion that the energy could be included in a catalogue of SDGs as a standalone goal. It could be also merged with the other thematic issues such as: economic growth, infrastructure and industrialization (which will be discussed separately). Energy and industrialization play a critical role in economic growth. Competitive economies require well-functioning infrastructure with access to modern energy services. All of these areas are also crucial to eradicate poverty and to ensure prosperity (employment creation, access to energy, water supply ).
As regards economic growth, employment and infrastructure we support the language on achieving full and productive employment and decent work, including for marginalized groups and the language on protection of the rights of all workers including migrant workers in compliance with ILO fundamental rights. We support target (i) end child labor. Employment as a intersectional area can be considered as a cross-cutting issue and mainstreamed through other focus areas - for example eradication of poverty and women’s empowerment.
As regards sustainable infrastructure we support the target (g) with attention to needs of countries in special situation and access for rural populations to basic infrastructure and services.