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FA5 Gender equality and women’s empowerment
We support the gender equality and women’s empowerment as a standalone goal. We would like to thank co-chairs for proposed targets on ending violence and discrimination against women, ensuring access to education and equal employment, access to assets and resource management as well as targets on ensuring equal participation of women in decision making.
As regards the targets on SRHR as Poland has already mentioned we would like to see these issues considered in the context and in accordance with the Programme of Action of the international Conference on Population and Development and the Beijing Platform for Action as it was agreed under para 145 Of the Rio+20 Outcome Document: “commitments leading to sexual and reproductive health and the promotion and protection of all human rights in this context”.
We have already sent to the Secretariat target proposals on SRHR which can be placed under Area 5 and I would like to repeat them now:
1/ promote and protect sexual and reproductive health, or
2/ access to sexual and reproductive health care services
As we have also already mentioned during our discussion under FA3, in order to avoid repetition and duplications of the same targets, the targets on SRHR should be placed under FA3 or FA5/

FA6 Water and Sanitation
We welcome the targets prepared by the co-chairs. We support the language on universal access to safe and affordable drinking water sanitation and hygiene, wastewater management and integrated wastewater management (including appropriate trans-boundary cooperation). We can support the standalone goal for water and sanitation.