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United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

Peru and Mexico

Focal area 5: Gender equality and women's empowerment.

On target a) add at the end "and all socio-economic and cultural conditions"
On target e) we propose the following formulación " access to assets and resources, including natural resources management and financial services.”

On target j) the wording should be transformed using goal language but using paragraph 241 of the Rio + 20 outcome document as the basis.

Focal area 6: water and sanitation

On target a) add at the end "and indigenous peoples"
On target f) replace "water bodies" for "ground and surface waters"
Add a new target as follows " Increase access to sanitation services in homes, schoos and workplaces"

On target 6h) Perú and México fully support the inclusion of disaster risk reduction targets under a water focus area as the majority of disasters and losses come from hydro-meteorological events. However, we would like to propose the following formulation for this target:

"Reduce by x% social, household and economic losses caused by water-related disasters".

We do also propose a new target, which focuses on the particular need to have effective water, drainage and sanitation services to reduce the probability and impact of a water-related disaster:

"By 2030, all water, drainage and sanitation infrastructure built to and operated at locally- appropriate hazard-resistant standards"