United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Co-chair,
My people bear the overwhelming daily duress of being under occupation,
deprived of all control over their resources, commercial activity, land, which are
all vital components of economic development. Undoubtedly, this has a direct
and devastating effect on the Palestinian people's ability to overcome challenges
in areas like transport. Restrictions, land and resources grab Mr. Co-chair are all
actions that run counter to economic development or sustainability. In fact, they
negate those important goals.
Mr. Co-chair,
The transportation sector in Palestine is one, while of vital importance to our
development efforts, remains significantly hindered by the reality of occupation.
This is a sector lags behind our set development goals due to the long- standing
negligence of the Occupying power in addition to its deliberate hindrance and
destruction of this sector.
The Palestinian Authority is working jointly with the donor community to improve
the transportation system in the occupied Palestinian Territory. The regulation of
the public transport sector is also taking place in order to enhance mobility for
Palestinians, in particular for women and youth. The PA plans to expand,
improve and increase safety in the system as outlined by our development plan
?Palestine -- Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State."
However, Planning and constructing the road system and transportation
infrastructure is a monumental task in the Occupied Palestinian Territory as it is
tied to the draconian measures imposed by the occupation authorities, which
deprives Palestinians of control over their resources as well as the right to
improve conditions related to commerce and other economic development
activity. Hence, the execution of related Palestinian development plan is
contingent upon these measures. Consequently, the delays and obstructions
facing the development of this sector have directly impacted the economy and
the prospects of development as the transportation of peoples and goods is an
integral part of the development and economic process.
Mr. Co-chair,
As CSD-18 aims at reviewing the challenges to the implementation of
sustainable development agenda that will be considered during the current cycle
of the Commission on Sustainable Development, we invite the CSD to ensure
that it take into account the special needs of peoples living under foreign
occupation. This would send the positive and important message that peoples
like the Palestinian People shall not be abandoned, left alone to face the
impossible task of overcoming these challenges alone.
Thank you