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State of Paaestine
Ministry of Transport
Minister's office
Excellencies Honorable ministers
Ambassadors and members of the Diplomatic Corps
Distinguished Audience
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I Convey to you the greetings of Palestine State president, Mr.,
Mahmoud Abbas, as well as the government and the Palestinian
people to President Ghirbangle Berdy Mohamedov, head of state
of Turkmenistan, and the government and people of Turkmenistan,
and extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for this republic to
come for the warm reception and hospitality, which reflects the
unlimited originality and generosity and support for people who are
seeking glory.
In the same trend, we do our special thanks to Mr...I:5..Gÿ3.1.ÿ.ÿ..L0.q..#)..ÿtq.
df!t,tÿ Secretary General of the United Nations for
the care of this international organization in holding such meetings
and international conferences for the regional and international
transport sector promotion and development to multi-model and
sustainable transport which contributes to the leadership and
guidance for driving socio- economic wheel for world nations.
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State of Panestine
Ministry of Transport
Minister's office
Ladies and Gentlemen
The Palestinian transport sector declined due to Israeli occupation,
barriers, obstacles and collective punishment which reflected badly
on our daily land transport movement.
The absence of air, maritime and rail transport in Palestine
especially after the Israeli fighters destructed Yasser Arafat
International Airport, as well as the destruction of site project of the
seaport in Gaza city, fifteen years ago, caused downsizing and
limitation of transport se'ctor to land transport movement within
Palestine borders line as well as hundreds of militant chick points
along the internal road network and preventing trans border
operations for passenger and freight movement to and from
neighboring countries.
This constraints reduced the efficiency of our transport system up
to 10 % from the whole combined transport in Palestine negatively
refleCted on our GDP and household income.
Recognizing the important role of environmentally sound, safe,
efficient ,reliable and affordable transport and transit corridors for
the efficient movement of goods and people in supporting
sustainable economic growth, improving the social welfare of
people and enhancing international cooperation and trade among
countries in which is absent and missed in our country, in the
same time highlighting the role of international roads and railways,
intermodal logistics centers and dry ports, global logistics and
supply chains, the integration of transport modes, appropriate
technologies and the maintenance and upgrading of infrastructure
in promoting seamless international transit transport from and to
Palestine, meanwhile all efforts exerted from our side in this field
failed to convince the Israeli side to raise the siege and facilitate
Palestinians free movement.
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Palesfinian National Aufhorify
Ministry Of Transport
Ladies and Gentlemen.
The importance of addressing the special needs of landlocked
developing countries, inter alia, by establishing and promoting efficient transit
transport systems that link them to international markets, and in this regard
underlining the importance of partnerships between landlocked and transit
developing countries and their development partners at the national, bilateral,
Sub regional, regional and global levels.
All efforts of the relevant organizations of the United Nations
system, other international organizations, in particular the World Bank, the regional
development banks, the World Customs Organization, the World Trade
Organization, the International Road Transport Union, the International Union of
Railways, regional economic integration organizations and other relevant regional
and sub regional organizations, within their respective mandates, to develop and
operationalise international transport and transit corridor which leaded to
sustainable and efficient transport system reflects positively by reducing
unemployment and increasing national income and social welfare for all nation.
Also efforts should be tackled to promote regional economic integration and
cooperation, by improving cross-border transportation infrastructure to enhance
regional connectivity and facilitate regional trade and investment.
In the same moment, we should recall all Hember States and international and
regional organizations to further encourage ,enhanced networking and periodic
consultation among related stakeholders involved in the development and operation
of international transport and transit corridors and this could be achieved by
mobilizing, as appropriate, additional financial
Resources for the development of transport infrastructure and services, including
through the promotion of public-private partnerships, so as to achieve inclusive and
sustainable development.
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State of Palestine
Ministry of Transport
Minister's office
Oasa aot _
Ladies and Gentlemen.
In this conference we are seeking with utmost hope the United
Nations system organizations, related international financing
institutions, multilateral and bilateral donors, the private sector
and international organizations to further coordinate their efforts
and collaborate in mobilizing financial and technical assistance to
our countries and drive pressure on the Israeli side of caving in to
the side of right and international justice to allow Palestinians
establishing their own transport efficient system and transit
corridors in accordance with the principles of sustainability and
In conclusion, I reiterate my thanks to your efforts that have been
made and are being made for the success of the activities of this
conference, wishing the goals could be achieved successfully and
reflect positive'ly on our nations.
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