United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Intervention made by Irfan Soomro, Third Secretary Pakistan Permanent
Mission to the United Nations, on Rural Development in the
Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for Commission on Sustainable
Development, New York 25th February, 2009.
I thank the panelists for their comprehensive presentations.
2. Pakistan aligns fully with the statement made by the distinguished delegate
of Sudan on behalf of Group of 77 and China.
3. While we will be submitting our suggestions in writing in due course, we
have one point to make that policy options and suggestions that we can have
should come from real life examples and lessons learnt, what has happened and
how it has happened. Rural development has become an even more daunting
challenge in the face of a development emergency that we face today. We already
face the stress being an agrarian economy and belonging to a region which hosts
almost half of the poorest poor.
4. We have rural support and development programs in place. For many of the
development practitioners in this room, names of Akhtar Hameed Khan of Komila
Model and Orangi Pilot fame and Shoaib Sultan Khan of the Agha Khan Rural
Support programme would be familiar.
5. We have through these models demonstrated how a bottom up approach
with full local ownership, community participation and active international
collaboration including through public-private partnership could produce positive
6. My delegation is ready to share those experiences with the international
community through this Commission ? and would accordingly make submission to
this effect in writing in due course.
I thank you, Chair.