United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Intervention by Mr. Iftikhar Arain of Pakistan
14th Session of Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD14)
Enhancing Means of Implementation through sub-regional, regional
and international cooperation
(May 05, 2006) AM session
Mr. Chairman,
At the outset, let me thank you for steering this meeting, and
appreciate the panelists for their very informative briefing.
While we are gathered here for the Commission?s review session, the
purpose is to a focus on identifying constraints and obstacles in the process
of implementation with regard to the selected thematic cluster of issues for
the current cycle in an integrated manner.
2. In this regard, we have carefully studied the Secretary-General?s stateof-
implementation reports, the contributions of United Nations agencies,
programmes and funds, the Global Environment Facility and international
financial and trade institutions. We have also listened to reports of the
outcomes of all the concerned parties. All of us seem to agree that a lot
needs to be done in the process of implementation.
3. We are committed to implement our commitments and have taken
significant measures in this regard. Pakistan Environmental Protection Act
has been enforced since 1997. This has led to building of capacity of
environmental protection agencies. Pakistan?s National Conservation
Strategy (NCS) and the various environmental programmes that were
initiated in the 1990?s generated awareness, introduced legal and regulatory
frameworks, and helped in strengthening environmental institutions. The
GoP has joined UNDP to implement National Environmental Action Plan
through a support programme. It aims to achieve economic growth without
costs in the form of environmental losses or increased poverty, and rather
with gains in the form of improved environment and reduced poverty. Our
efforts in this regard, have been acknowledged in recent publications and
reports of UNDP. We have been highlighting our efforts in order to
implement our commitments on each of the thematic cluster, during the
course of our discussions.
Mr. Chairman,
4. Following obstacles in the process of implementation, need to be
addressed on priority basis:
Firstly, there is need to enhance flow of financial resources in area of
sustainable development, while considering ways to integrate the three
dimensions of sustainable development-economic growth, social
development and environmental protection. In my country especially the
cooperation of JICA is helping in the environmental sector, which we
Secondly, there is urgent need for the transfer of technology, sharing of
information and capacity building in the area of sustainable developments;
Thirdly, regional and sub-regional collaborations can be helpful to achieve
implementation of our objectives. Pakistan is implementing various projects
of sustainable development on regional basis especially through SAARC,
but progress is slow.
Finally, international community must fulfill its commitments under the
principle of ?common but differentiated responsibilities?.
5. While, we appreciate the voluntary contributions of Partnerships for
sustainable development to certain areas such as, protection and
management of natural resources and agriculture; we would also like to
point out that certain other themes also require more focus such as;
biotechnology, chemicals, drought, mining, mountains and transport.
Mr. Chairman,
6. We are quite clear about our objectives, targets or frameworks but we
suffer from the malady of lack of implementation and non-compliance of our
commitments, particularly those relating to financial resources, technology
transfer and capacity building. We stress that while focusing on identifying
constraints and obstacles in the process of implementation, we may take
concrete steps to translate our findings into practices, through this forum.
I thank you.