United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development

OAPEC on Energy

OAPEC would like to support the statement made by Pakistan on behalf of G77 and
OAPEC is very much looking for a successful CSD-15 outcome in order to achieve
the Millennium Development Goals.
Madam Chair,
Efforts to modernize the extraction and processing of Hydrocarbons offer
opportunities for energy efficiency gains, in particular in the downstream refinery
industries of oil exporting countries.
We believe that oil and gas producing and exporting countries require access to
advanced technologies to improve efficiency of extraction and refinery processes.
Possible actions must be considered to support those efforts, include dissemination of
the best practices and capacity building.
Madam Chair,
We believe that strengthening the development, use and transfer of cleaner advanced
energy technologies is crucial to improving access to energy services.
A major problem with most of the cleaner energy technologies is cost. Together with
increasing the scale of deployment, research and development are essential tools for
reducing this cost.
Madam Chair,
Carbon Capture and Storage technology is a viable mitigation option to reduce CO2
gas emissions as well as NOx. At present 33 million tons of CO2 are captured every
year worldwide. We look forward to strengthening cooperation on this option as well
as increasing research and development.
The CCS option should be integrated into energy policies, emission trading schemes,
energy balance scenarios and models in order to avoid discrimination against clean
fossil fuels use.
Finally, we believe that energy policies and actions should be supportive to the global
efforts to eradicate poverty, increase capacity building, transfer of clean technology,
and financing in developing countries.
Last by not least, we look for proactive and participatory efforts by all countries to
achieve a sustainable and secure energy future.
Thank you Madam Chair.