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OAPEC on Climate Change

Mr. Chairman,
OAPEC would like to support the statement made by Pakistan on behalf of G77 and
International cooperation is essential to tackling the global challenge of climate
change, and there are several channels in providing technical assistance to developing
countries in order to implement adaptation measures. We look forward for involving
all stakeholders in order to assist developing countries in planning and implementing
adaptation action plans.
Most of OAPEC members had ratified UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol, and they
submitted their first National Communication reports to UNFCCC, while some are in
the process of preparing for the second National Communication report.
We believe that there is a need to ensure equitable geographical distribution for CDM
projects among all the UN regions, thus contributing to sustainable development,
Knowing that the Arab region have limited numbers of CDM projects.
We look forward for more progress on developing and strengthening national
institutional capacities for participation in CDM.
OAPEC members strongly support the inclusion of Carbon Capture and Storage
technology under CDM project activities due to its importance in reducing CO2 gas
We look for strengthening policies and actions that promote further rapid deployment
and development, as well as reducing cost of Carbon Capture and Storage
Many efforts need to be supported by international community through actions
1- Building institutional capacity and training in all areas especially climate
modeling, and observation and data management.
2- Strengthening funding mechanism of the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol,
mainly Adaptation Fund, Special Climate Change Fund, and other related
funds in order to assist developing countries in meeting their commitments
under UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol.
3- Mitigating the impact of policies and measures adopted by industrialized
countries to comply with their commitments under UNFCCC and Kyoto
Thank YOU Mr. Chairman.