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NORWAY ? Statement on Sustainable Consumption and Production 10YFP ? IPM
CSD 19
It is of crucial importance to ensure that future economic growth takes place within the
framework of sustainable development. To achieve this, the environmental pressure per unit
must be reduced sufficiently to outweigh the effect of increasing economic output.
Sustainable production and consumption is a key element in Norways policy to achieve
sustainable development, and a part of our national strategy for sustainable development.
Three broad categories of household consumption have a particularly large environmental
impact ? housing, food and transport. It?s therefore important to have a particular focus on
these areas.
We should improve resource and energy efficiency, use energy sources that put less pressure
on the environme nt, and develop and use greener technologies. Instruments such as
environmental taxes, public support to eco-innovation, eco-labelling and environmental
product declarations, green public procurement policy, incorporating environmental
considerations into the product design phase, life cycle assessment and envir onmental
management systems all play an important part in reducing the environmental impacts of
production and consumption.
The development of a global 10YFP is an important step forward. The 10YFP should provide
incentives a nd support for governments to strengthen their efforts on sustainable consumption
and production. The 10 YFP should be based on the many good initiatives and results born
out of the Marrakech process and the SAICM model.
We believe that the framework of programmes should consist of three parts where the first is
common visions, goals and objectives, the second the institutional structure for strategic
planning and the third the priority programme areas, remaining flexible in order to add further
programmes in the future. We welcome the decision of the UNEP Governing Council last
week on the 10YFP. We look forward to the United Nations Environment Programme?s
continued active and central role, in cooperation with all relevant UN agencies, in the
development of the 10YFP.
Regarding the suggested overarching goal of the 10YFP we believe that delinking of human
development and economic growth from negative environmental impacts is essential.
It should also be recognized that the 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable
consumption and production could prove to be an important step towards UNCSD2012
(Rio+20), bringing together stakeholders to identify common ground in order to make the
global transition to a green economy.
Norway is in favour of an operational outcome for the 10YFP to be concluded and agreed at
CSD 19.