United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


IWRM 12 April, Intervention by Norway
Madam Chair,
The implementation of the IWRM target requires more and better coordinated support
from donors and strengthened efforts from the international organisations working
with developing countries on plans.
Norway have provided such support and will continue to do so.
We would also underline that the international organisations working in this field,
both UN agencies and others, need to cooperate to make sure that their activities are
as co-ordinated and effective as possible. We were encouraged to hear the word
?cooperation? mentioned frequently in the interventions yesterday morning by UN
I would just like to add two comments on the substance and process of IWRM:
First, IWRM plans have to be de veloped according to each country?s circumstances
and priorities. As always ? no size fits all. The essence of the process is to take a
coherent approach to the development, management and use of water resources ?
across sectors.
My second point is the ne ed to actively include all relevant stakeholders. This ensures
buy-in and ownership. To us this also represents good governance.
The IPM summary (and matrix) mentions that women should be included in
consultations on IWRM plans. We support this In the policy options document we
would like to see a general line referring to ?- broad inclusion of all stakeholders?.
Thank you,
Madam Chair