United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Chair, Norway supports the view that the CSD-15 policy document should be short, focused
and ?political in tone?. To us five key issues need to be reflected:
First, Norway will intensify its efforts to increase poor people?s access to clean energy at
an affordable price based on the long-term management of natural resources and efficient
energy use. Norway aims to substantially increase its development assistance to clean energy
and will launch a ?Clean Energy for Development? Initiative. This will be an important
contribution to sustainable economic and social development in developing countries and to
international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Norway and like-minded countries
have a major responsibility and an obligation to take the lead in developing and implementing
clean energy solutions. The CSD must recommend that climate concerns and access to clean
energy are integrated into development strategies.
Secondly, the development of sustainable energy supplies must be based on greater
production and use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, low-carbon technologies and CO2
capture and storage, adapted to regional, national and local conditions and the natural
resources available to each country. Interregional cooperation in the electricity sector should
be strengthened so that larger and more robust regional markets can be established.
Thirdly, energy efficiency is very important and it also pays. There is great potential for
energy efficiency in developed and developing countries, and particularly in countries with
economies in transition. Moreover, this is the cheapest source of energy. Norway will work
towards specific policy recommendations in this area. Norway also welcomes the EU
initiative concerning an international agreement on energy efficiency.
Fourthly, access to affordable, reliable and sustainably sound energy for cooking and other
purposes is particularly important for women. Norway supports the development of energy
infrastructure and institutions that directly benefit women and the poor. Women should be
included in all parts of the project, policy and development planning process both as energy
providers and energy users.
Fifthly, in the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition - JREC, Norway is working
actively to ensure that a follow-up or review mechanism for renewable energy is put in place.
This could include other areas related to the development of sustainable energy, such as
energy efficiency and access to energy in developing countries. In Norway?s view, the CSD
should follow up on these sustainable energy issues in later sessions.
And finally, in Norway?s view, the CSD should support the proposal to compile a list of
goals and commitments by different countries relating to access to energy services, greater
use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. This would be a new approach for the CSD. It
could provide a useful supplement to the negotiated text and be instrumental in ensuring that
the outcome of CSD-15 is action-oriented and forward-looking.
Thank you.