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Global Conference on Sustainable Transport
Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
26-27th of November, 2016
Speech by ,ÿ
Ambassador of Norway to Turkmenistan
Mr Ole Bjoernoey
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo, Norway
Excellences, ladies and gentlemen
The 2030 Agenda brings the world together in an unprecedented
manner. It represents a global consensus on how to address the plea of
the poor and marginalized. It calls for new and strategic partnerships.
Norway regards the 2030 Agenda with its Sustainable Development
Goals as a transformative roadmap for elimination
of global poverty. The commitment to "leave no one behind" goes to the
core of our humanity- our willingness and ability to fight for equality in
rights and dignity for all. Success will hinge on a consistent and
accountable follow up by all of us. The 2030
Agenda commits Governments to act immediately and without
To strengthen our resolve for action, Her Excellency Prime Minister
Solberg is co-chairing the UN Secretary General' Sustainable
Development Goals Advocacy Group with His
Excellency President Mahama of Ghana. In this capacity, the Prime
Minister underlines the universality and inclusive nature of the
Sustainable Development Goals.
The situation speaks loudly about a planet in need of healing, in all its
The Millennium Development Goals taught us that through coordinated
action, negative development trends can be curbed. And still, the world
is experiencing great vulnerability. Protectionism, international
terrorism, the refugee situation and an accelerating climate
change are more aggravated than for decades.
Indeed, the world is less predictable, economic growth has slowed down
and instability and conflicts are rampant in parts of the world. The
situation worsens the predicament of the poor and marginalized.
Hence, we have reason to haste in our joint realization of the Sustainable
Development Goals.
Excellences, ladies and gentlemen,
Allow me to use this occasion to underline the significance of SDG 9
addressing infrastructure, and our commitment to see the SDGs as
annintegral set of complimentary goals.
Achieving the SDGs will hinge on our support to policies promoting
good governance. That calls for strong national, regional and global
leadership. SDG 9 offers no exception: Infrastructure investments are
like oil in any society. Whether it goes to roads, renewable energy and
transmission lines, institutions of learning and research, or to the benefit
of the private sector.
Excellences, ladies and gentlemen,
Poverty is avoidable. It is unacceptable that around 800 million people
still live beyond the poverty line- and many more millions just above
it! In our globalized world, such predicament should be unbearable to all
of us.
Hence, the 2030 Agenda is not about charity, it is about necessary and
sustainable change.
From our point of view this is the beauty of the 2030 Agenda:The SDGs
is a set of goals that mutually reinforce each other.
From our side, promoting the comprehensive nature of the 2030 Agenda,
holds the key to the sustainable development future we all want.
On a final note: I look forward to attending the visit tomorrow to the
new railway to Afghanistan - a clear and tangible result of
Turlcmenistans ambitions to contribute to regional connectivity.