United NationsDepartment of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development


Mr. Chairman,
Nigeria observes that the sound management of chemicals is integral to
sustainable development. The need for an integrated managment framework
involving comprehensive legislation and associated governance structure is also a
crucial component, which must be addressed for an efficient overall national
chemicals management infrastructure.
The establishment of general frameworks for risk assessment procedures and
controls by government and the elimination of barriers to information detailing
inherent hazards of chemicals and hazardous wastes should also be treated as
priority concerns within national chemicals management systems.
Nigeria recognizes that the sound management of chemicals requires adequate
support from the global community to complement efforts at country level.
Therefore, resources for capacity building in developing countries like Nigeria,
should be increased and technologies scaled up, in order to meet agreed goals
and target related to sound managment of chemicals.
On addressing the issue of sustainable wastes management, Nigeria takes the
issue of e-waste seriously with grave concern that developing countries including
Nigeria have become dumping ground for near-end of life and end-of ?life
electrical electronic equipment and materials. This informed the decision of
Nigeria to host the International Conference on e-waste Control in Abuja in July
We will continue to intensify efforts on the Toxic Waste-Dump-Watch Programme
through in-country collaboration as well as at sub-regional and regional levels to
put in place adequate checks and eradication of trans-boundary movement of
wastes. In furtherance to our resolve, Nigeria is participating in a seaport
inspection month in June 2010, coordinated by the Seaport Environmental
Security Network (SESN) involving other countries at the sub regional level.
We call for unflinching support especially on capacity building and investment in
waste management ventures, we urge the international community to join hands
with developing countries in preventing trans-boundary movement of wastes in
all forms as a further step towards consolidating the gains already made. Nigeria
further aligns with the submission of the G77 and China on the call to electronics
manufacturers to adopt the Extended Producer Responsibility through voluntary
take-back schemes as one of the measures to control e-waste, and the use of
green design in their products. It is on this, that, the sustainable development we
all crave for, could be meaningful and achievable.
I thank you.